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Pieter Wolmarans heads the firm, PFW Attorneys. He was admitted as an attorney in 1992 and as a Conveyancer in 1995. In his years of practising law he also lectured as a tutor lecturer for candidate attorneys. Nowadays his firm renders the complete spectrum of attorney- and conveyance services with a focus on the following, but not limited to:

Civil litigation in the Magistrates Court, as well as in the High Court, Divorce matters, Children's Law, Maintenance, Advice on Debt review matters, Consumer Protection matters, Sequestrations and Rehabilitations;
Criminal litigation in regard to Bail Applications, Trials, Plea Agreements and Appeals;
Commercial services including the drafting of Contracts, Trusts, Wills and attending to Deceased Estates and
Conveyance, also including advice, planning and Transfer of ownership of Properties.

The firm offers personal service thereby ensuring that his clients' interests are well looked after in law.

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